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Jean-Luc Janiszewski

Jean-Luc Janiszewski

Animal communicator,
is here in Voi (Kenya) with Natumi, orphan elephant, born in 1999, rescued, cared for and bred by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust then skillfully reintroduced to the wild.

Born in 1951.

Carried out his first practical work in telepathic communication under the direction of Raymond Réant in Villeparisis (France).

Perfected himself in non-verbal communication (NVC) during several stays at The Monroe Institute (TMI, Faber, Virginia, USA).

Has been trained in interspecies communication through telepathy by Carol Gurney in Agoura Hills (California, USA).

Specialized in telepathic communication with animals under the guidance of Penelope Smith, successively in Switzerland (with the kind collaboration of Helen Gerber), in Germany (thanks to the assistance of Karina Heuzeroth and Monika Jaeger), in Point Reyes (California, USA) and Bimini (Bahamas) where he went to swim and communicate with the dolphins.

Improved his animal communication skills with Amelia Kinkade in Austria (with Michael Adam’s help).

Took (thanks to the assistance of Sue Manley) a refresher course in communication with the wild animals in Texas (USA) proposed by Jeri Ryan and the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Improved his communication skills with the deceased at the Arthur Findlay College of Stansted (United Kingdom).

Gave consultations in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Africa, China, Australia, Bahamas and the United States of America.

Has a passion for « remote viewing » in which he was trained among others by experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency (in Maryland, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri and Georgia USA).

Has practised with great interest out of the body journeys (OOBEs).

Jean-Luc Janiszewski is the author of two books (in French language):

  • L’effet Mowgli, ou comment dialoguer avec les animaux [2005], Éditions Le temps présent, France. ISBN : 2‑35185‑011‑4
  • Sur le pont de l’arc en ciel, ou comment communiquer avec les animaux défunts [2010], Éditions Le temps présent, France. ISBN : 2‑35185‑063‑7