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The starting point

You wish to dialogue with animals. Or your pet suddenly exhibits behavior that calls out to you. And this leads you in both cases to seek help on this subject to react or to understand it.

Send us by letter or e-mail:


To talk
with the alive animals

Our objective:
to do like Mowgli,
ask questions to the animal
and get humanly intelligible responses in return.

What we do for you

We contact the animal and submit your questions to him/her. We write his/her responses down for you. Then we ask him/her for 10 elements of recognition allowing you to verify that it is indeed with him/her that we communicated.

The result

If you judge that at least 50% of the recognition elements are correct or resonate with you in some extent, we will send you the written animal’s responses to the questions you have asked.

If less than 50% of the items are recognized as correct by you, the rest becomes questionable. So we stay there. We do not send you the interview report and you owe us nothing.