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Our mediumistic seances

This novelty of 2019-2020
is currently being discontinued to contribute to the extinction of the pandemic

Animal-com proposes,
the last Saturday morning of every month,
from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Vimory (France),

a mediumistic contact session with the deceased, animals but also humans, live or from photos brought by participants.

This session is open in priority to those who have attended a "Communication with deceased animals" training.

To your photos! The mediumistic contacts are established according to the principle "One for all, All for one!": so, either by Jean-Luc Janiszewski alone, or, - if they wish – with the people present on cases directly concerning them.

Maximum number of participants per session: 6 to 8 persons
(first registered, first served).

Registration by e-mail: