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To talk
with deceased animals

All animals have a soul

Often the death of animals lets us with their bodies, hundreds of questions and our tears.

Their souls flew to a new life. A life about which you may sometimes need or want to question them.

Asking for help in this case is perfectly legitimate. Wether it is to hear from them or reestablish contact with beings we have for the most part loved so much and who have returned it so well.

We can cross for you this bridge
that leads to the Beyond

Through a mediumistic act of sacred nature, we can attempt to reestablish contact with the deceased animal of your choice. If you really want to, send us a recent photo of him/her, as well as a photo of yourself. But also the name of the deceased, his/her age, sex, race, date of death and your questions

What you will get in return

First 10 elements of recognition that you will have to evaluate. If, in your opinion, at least 50% correspond to the deceased, we will send you a written interview report based on your questions.

If less than 50% of the recognition material is deemed correct by you, the rest may not come from the deceased being. We would stop there. And you will owe us absolutely nothing.