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RYAN Jeri.- American animal communicator living in Oakland, California. PhD in psychology, a sector in which she had a professional private and community activity during twenty years. Jeri Ryan thinks to have communicated with animals during almost all her life, but wasn't immediately aware of it. It is in 1986 she decided to specialize in animal communication by telepathy and opted to get trained in it by Penelope Smith. In the mid 90s she founded the Assisi International Animal Institute, a non-profit organization mainly dedicated to promote understanding, respect and well-being of animals through their recognition as sentient and intelligent beings. Jeri Ryan leads by now, with a lot of talent and enthusiasm, animal communication trainings from the beginner to the professional level. Her communication with the wild animals course is particularly attractive, moving and promising. She is assisted in her mission by all kinds of experts, among which the very dynamic and performant helper, Sue Manley. (Photo from the excellent book written by Athur Myers, [1997], "Communicating with animals. The spiritual connection between people and animals", Ed. Contemporary books, Chicago, USA, p. 106).

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