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Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226).- Patron saint of animals. Giovanni Bernardone was born from a French mother, Pica, in Assisi (forty-one miles north of Rome, Italy) while his father, Pietro, wealthy cloth merchant, was journeying in France. On his return, the father started to call his son François, otherwise-said the "French". This nickname remained to him and passed to the posterity. About the child and the young man little is known, except that he lived very freely and dreamed to become knight. Creator of the Franciscan Order, a fraternity based on poverty and assistance to the most stripped. Canonized in 1228, Saint Francis is often represented in conversation with animals. The "Fioretti", a work dating from the end of XIVth century reporting the miracles and exemplary events of Saint-Françis life, contain some illustrations of these relations. The sermon with the birds, the transformation of the wolf of Gubbio are part of it.