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KINKADE Amelia is the author of the magnificent introduction to animal communication "Straight from the horse's mouth. How to talk to the animals and get answers" [2001], Crown Publishers, New-York, NY, USA. It explains how she has become this wonderful animal communicator full of energy who crosses the world to make others discover the benefits of communicating with animals by telepathy. Trained in performing arts (dancing, choregraphy, singing, actor's performance, screenplay writing, etc.), she reproduces excellently the atmosphere, emotions, and tone of the talks she has in public with our domestic or wild animal companions. Among the messages of love for all the beings of creation she delivers in each one of her courses, the most poignant is undoubtedly that dedicated to the endangered species: "Let us learn to know each other, let us learn to love each other and let's stop the massacre!". When she's not communicating with animals, Amelia may be dancing, illustrating children's books, visiting a church or painting, some other aspects of the various talents she has developed.