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SMITH Penelope. American expert, who started specializing in interspecies communication in 1971. Studied psychology, but that have let her unsatisfied. Sojourned in Scotland (United Kingdom) and Canada. Lives today in Prescott, Arizona. Hundreds of persons have been trained by her, and some of them have become professional animal communicators. Penelope has also been Carol Gurney's teacher. She is the author of three books: "Animal talk" (Beyond Words Publishing Inc, 1999), "When animal speak, advanced interspecies communication" -formerly "Animals: our return to wholeness"- (Beyond Words Publishing Inc, 2nd reviewed edition, 1999); "Animals in Spirit" (Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster, New-York, 2008). Penelope publishes a quarterly journal "Species link", and audio and video tapes. She can be reached at the following address: Anima Mundi Incorporated, 1415 W Libby Loop Road, Prescott, Arizona 86303, USA. Phone: (928) 776-9709

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