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RÉANT Raymond (1928-1997). French parapsychologist, medium and miracle-worker. Born on 23 October 1928 in Liévin (France). Discovered his psi abilities around the age of 6 after having assisted, on his request, to the apparition of Jesus in the room where he was found. Raymond Réant comes from a family, some members of which  have developed psi skills. His maternal grandfather sister, Jeunie, had a gift of remote influencing. His maternal grandmother, who was a medium, helped him to start out in the paranormal. Raymond learnt divination with her. An inquisitive person in the area of extrasensory perceptions, Raymond Réant developed untiringly a whole range of psi techniques, that he taught later on: psychometry, dowsing, remote influencing, the splitting into two or trip out of the body, spiritual recoveries, divination, communication with the deceased, tracking, unhoodooing, communication with animals, search for missing beings, sensations from a distance (vision, smell, hearing, touch, taste), etc. He accepted to realize several experiences under scientific control. At the spiritual level, Jesus was his assistant and guide. Therefore he did not hesitate to turn to him in all critical moments. On the evening of his 36th birthday he had a near-death experience, following a period of intense overwork. Raymond Réant died in Villeparisis (France), where he lived the last part of his life, on 28 November 1997, at the age of 69. He is the author of seven books, and several articles: "Les pouvoirs étranges d'un clairvoyant" (with Alain Sotto, Tchou, 1977, "The strange powers of a clairvoyant"), "Parapsychologie pratique pour tous" (Ed. du Rocher, 1982, "Practical parapsychology for all"), "Pratiquez la parapsychologie" (Ed. du Rocher, 1985, "Practice parapsychology"), "La parapsychologie et l'invisible" (Ed. du Rocher, 1986, "Parapsychology and the invisible"), "Nouvelles expériences de parapsychologie" (Ed. du Rocher, 1988, "New parapsychological experiences"), "Parapsychologie et réincarnation" (Ed. du Rocher, 1990, " Parapsychology and reincarnation"), "La parapsychologie et les vies parallèles" (Ed. Raymond Réant, 1995," Parapsychology and parallel lives").