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MONROE Robert Allan (1915-1995). Son of Robert Emmet Monroe, University professor, and Georgia Helen Jordan Monroe, physician. 3 sisters, 1 brother. Married  (1937), (1950), (1971). One daughter, Laurie (1951). American businessman, chairman of several communication companies and founder  of The Monroe Institute (TMI, 1974). Special particularities: left handed, music and aircraft lover, had a first out-of-body experience in 1958, at the age of 43. Devotee to accelerated learning processes  by audio cassettes, has made the journeys out-of-the-body and a whole range of non verbal communications available to the large public through  the development of a various specialized methods (for example the Hemi-sync products). Several seminars based on those tools are proposed by TMI: "Gateway", "Guidelines", "Lifeline", "Exploration 27", etc. Bob Monroe is the author of three books: "Journeys out of the body" (1971),"Far journeys" (1985), and "Ultimate journey" (1994). The Monroe Institute is located approximately 3 900 miles south-west of Paris (France), 300 miles south-west of New-York City (NY, USA), 120 miles south-west of Washington D.C, and 25 miles south of Charlottesville (Virginia, USA). The address is: The Monroe Institute, TMI, 62 Roberts Mountain Road, Faber, VA 22938-2317, USA.