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GURNEY Carol. Specialist in animal communication and in body therapies for animals since 1987. Considered as one of the pioneers in the field, she has helped thousands of people to improve their relationship with animals in the U.S., Canada and Europe. She has specialized in behavioral and emotional problems, accompanying the dying and in the recovery of lost animals. Carol is a well-known lecturer to specialists. She has arranged many workshops, has been the subject of various American publications, and has taken part in radio interviews and TV shows. Carol proposes consultations worldwide and has established a comprehensive training program in animal communication. She proposes seminars at all levels that last from six hours to six days. Her main objective is to help humans to better understand their attitudes and their actions towards animals, as much towards themselves. According to her "People understand often better their own feelings and their own behaviors when they discover that their animal's attitude is only responsive to the owner's". Carol has lived abroad, especially in Germany. She was given positions of responsibility in the advertisement world (notably in New-York, in the 11th world most important advertising system). Before becoming a specialist in animal communication (she has been a Penelope Smith student in 1986), Carol was the chairwoman and owner of Expansion Office Service, a consultants company. She is also an athletic person. Carol is the author of "The language of animals. 7 steps to communicating with animals". The Bantam Dell Publishing Group, USA, 2001. She also proposes audio and video tapes. Thanks to Carol Gurney, in Agoura Hills (California), I have truly been able to throw myself into the kind of interspecies communication I am presently practicing.