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Our techniques
Our techniques being essentially telepathic, they can be implemented from a distance, in the absence of the animal or its owner. We have thus been able repeatedly to converse with animals (horses, cats, llamas and whales) living thousands of miles away from France. The techniques we use are those known in the U.S. as "animal communication", "interspecies communication" or "animal communication through telepathy". The persons indulging in this type of communication are called " animal communicators", an expression for which the equivalent in French might perhaps be "communicateurs animaliers" or "interprètes animaliers".

What can you expect from it?
Our role is comparable in part to that of an interpreter or a middleman between two beings speaking languages unknown to the other. Our techniques could be compared to that of universal translators put at the disposal of the general public.

We make it possible for women, men, but also for animals that call on our services, to establish new bonds between themselves thanks to a new type of information exchange. They are thus in a position to better know, understand and like each other and therefore to share a more pleasant life together. 

More precisely, we ask all questions that are submitted to us may they concern feeding, social behavior, the general well-being or psychological difficulties. "Is this new feeding what you need? Why do you hide? Are you ready to pass on? Why do you keep me in confinement? What is exactly my role in the family? Why have you abandoned me? Are you happy in the beyond?". On the other hand we refrain from establishing diagnoses, and check-ups, and to interfere in general with the activity of veterinarians, who have an essential part to play in cases of physical problems. 

It can be seen from the above that Animal-com puts at the disposal of the public a consultation and training service in these new forms of communication.