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Welcome amongst the women and men of goodwill who accept to dialogue with animals. Welcome to the world of those for whom the use of new forms of "animal communication" is as a wonderful means of reaching a better understanding between living beings and  a greater happiness on Earth.

What is it all about?
Animal-com, engages in conversations with animals and collects faithfully their reactions which are later translated to humans. Therefore, our activities essentially resemble to the activities of an interpreter-translator between the human world and the animal kingdom, as simple as that ! Our primary objective is to allow humans and animals who are willing to do so to ask themselves mutually the questions which worry them. We are talking of animals of all sizes, forms, races and species, domesticated or wild, alive or deceased.

More specifically...
Animals use everyday various modes of communication with men and women of all conditions and ages. Some prefer to send out visual signals, others acoustic or olfactory signals, while others still use  a subtle combination of all those, complex or simple behaviors having a message value. Thus animals send us everyday through different channels some information which we, humans, more or less understand. People who talk to animals have also discovered that they exchange mental messages between themselves or with humans. Some humans can perceive those messages and know how to give a reply. Animal-com is part of those capable of establishing a telepathic dialogue with animals and of associating you to the dialogue.