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Our rates are tax inclusive. Payments should be attached to the request for consultation, or to the registration form as far as training is concerned.

A consultation
Recognition elements will be submitted to the consultant for validation by Animal-com before any communication with the animal.
Decreasing price:
1 question = 30 euros
2 questions = 50 euros
3 questions = 75 euros
for 4 to 10 questions = 100 euros.

animal-com 1 (initiation),  animal-com 2 (improvement) or  animal-com 3 (accompanied practice)

Each session takes place from 9:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m (hosting from 9:00 a.m), then from 2:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m with a fifteen-minute break in between. Coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks are offered. Lunch time is free. Participants will have to pay for their meals. A memorandum is distributed at the end of each session.
170 euros per person for a groupe session organized directly by Animal-com.
300 euros per person for 2 groupe consecutive sessions organized directly by Animal-com.
220 euros for a person to person session.
400 euros for 2 person to person consecutive sessions.

The conferences organized by Animal-com in France are invoiced 12 euros per person.

The conferences organized by a third party are studied on a case by case basis, but result in the invoicing of the trainer's travel and possibly food and accomodation expenses.

Lectures on behalf of the "Société Protectrice des Animaux" are free in the Paris area.

Articles written on request will be charged the same as other articles on the issue concerned.