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Hottah - Kenze

Animal-com sponsored Hottah

If all animals fill a special place in the heart of Animal-com's members, there is one outstanding and it's the wolf. One does not count anymore the stories illustrating the intelligence of this marvellous animal, its adaptability, the extent of its social behavior and the large variety of its interactions with man. It however continues to have to fight for its survival and to preserve its place on our Earth.

It is to help it to reconquer the heart of men, that Animal-com, like so much of others, undertook various actions in favour of the wolf.

To offer training courses in communication with the wolves

Once a year, since 2005 in the park of Gévaudan (Lozère, France), to offer training courses in communication with the wolves was a part of Animal-com's thematic program. In collaboration with the persons in charge of the park, the trainees came to discover the wolf of Siberia, of Canada, of Poland and Mongolia, as well wild as captive. Then they werere gradually invited to the telepathic communication with all the animals present on site.

Sponsor a wolf

To help to sponsor the wolves of the park is a complementary action of the preceding one. Launched in December 2004, it aimed to answer to the call of the park and to help it to maintain a service of quality to its boarders. But it is also a question of encouraging beings ready to make it to consider the case of a wolf in particular. And we never had to regret it until now, in any case never concerning our splendid godson Hottah.


Hottah was a wolf of Canada (see the picture below, black dress). He was born in captivity at April 2002. His peeling is dark, almost black. His father, the dominating wolf, died in August 2004 at the age of eleven, leaving him a respected place at the top of the hierarchy of the group of the Canadian wolves. All Animal-com adores Hottah.

Here some words on behalf of Hottah to all of those, humans as us who have been called to support 'him' or simply had the happiness to approach 'him'.

If you could address a message to all the people who come to see you, you and your wolves brothers of the park of Gévaudan, which would be this message?

Oh! I believe that I would say that I like them when they address tender words to me. There are even some saying they really love me. For the others, they are just 'real visitors'. They come to look at us and act as if they hadn't seen us. I try to give something to everyone. When somebody calls me and that I am not too busy with my pack, I come closer and exchange some bits with him/her. But when I see that I have to deal with 'just-a-visitor', well, sometimes I do not even move. Thus my message is: "See us as wolves! ".
(Hottah, 2007)

Les Loups du Gévaudan
48100 Saint-Léger-de-Peyre (France)
Tel./Fax: 00 33 (0)4 66 32 09 22
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We thank Mr Sylvain Macchi, head for zootechnical affairs, author of the photographs above
and the direction of Parc du Gévaudan for their kind collaboration.