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Animal-com proposes a three-level course, of a one-day duration each, arranged on request. 

Animal-com 1 is essentially a practical course. It will enable participants to get a first approach in communication with animals. It consists of the following: an explanation of the essentiel concepts, a briefing on the main objectives, a training to self-conditioning, practical exercises in telepathic communication between humans, and finally the first stage in telepathic communication with animals. 

Animal-com 2 gives to the student a possibility to develop his/her attainments with new exercises after a brief review of the basics. This new field of experimentation entails an exploration of various animals personalities. It includes communication exercises in the presence of the animal and the study of a concrete example of communication at distance, current problem solving, an initiation to the contact with lost or escaped animals, communication with rejected animals. 

Animal-com 3, the accompanied practice, consists in helping students in their personal communications with animals. It deals only with case studies and gives all participants the opportunity to submit to the group a communication project or questions about a past experience. The group will assist its members in their search.

The prerequisites for attending a course are the following: to be perfectly rested, in good physical and mental health.

In all cases, students are invited to bring photos of their animal companions.

Thematic animal-com, specific trainings are organized in order to allow each student to widen the pallet of his/her contacts. To talk with wild animals is unique: a whole day is dedicated to it. Help people to get in touch again with their departed animal companions is also a matter of special care. One full day is devoted to it. In both cases the candidates will be asked to have attended an animal-com 1 and 2 session or equivalent before.