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What lessons did you draw from this new form of interspecies communication?

Communicating with animals and plants is an absolute delight. The first lesson to be drawn is that animals and plants are wonderful living beings which we finally know very little, and which, if approached in the appropriate manner, are ready in the majority of cases to reply simply to the questions we ask.

The second lesson is that animals, the same as plants, are beings of a tremendous complexity, with personalities of an often unsuspected richness.

The third lesson is that animals and plants have souls and that their spiritual lives are often amazingly beautiful, similar to humans.


What advice would you give to a beginner?

For those who have already experienced animal communication in their lives, even fleetingly, I would like to say "rediscover your most beautiful past experiences, do not let  this wonderful bond that you have already established with your surroundings get lost". 

For those who simply wish "to try and see...", I would suggest not to overdo it. Keep an open but critical mind to have the time to discover the many facets of this new form of communication. Test different approaches and cultivate the ones where you succeed.

For those who have felt the joy of the first interspecies conversations, I would say "continue and above all, keep on practicing again and again..."