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How does a typical consultation develop?

Practices vary according to the practitioners. For Animal-com, a typical consultation develops in three stages.

1. The receipt of the request: a person will submit a question that we are required to ask to his/her cat, for example. We verify that he/she did indicate  the name of the animal, his/her breed, gender, age, and we ask the owner to forward a recent picture of the animal, if possible. We also make sure that the meaning of the question is unambiguous.

2. The communication in itself: the animal communicator gets mentally in touch with the animal, gives his/her motives and asks the question. The animal often reacts almost immediately. His/her replies are duly recorded.

3. The minutes of the session: at the end of the conversation, a written report is prepared and sent to the person who made the request. The replies are clarified by Animal-com if necessary.