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Is it necessary to have a gift to communicate telepathically with animals?

No, there is no need to have a gift to communicate telepathically with animals, because we all possess, as humans, the capacity to send and receive mental messages, although to varying degrees .

It is nevertheless true  that, the same as for painting or music, some particularly motivated and hard-working individuals may have a greater aptitude than others in that area or progress more rapidly.


How do you know that an animal did communicate with you and that it is not sheer imagination?

It is true that it is a little bit difficult for the beginner to make allowance, because he cannot be too sure in the beginning.

Later on, animals will provide information on their surroundings or on the way of life they live, i.e data that the communicator did not know necessarily and that he can verify.

Later still, the communicator's own experience will make him feel when he is not truly in contact with the animal with which he is supposed to communicate.