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What does "animal-com" mean?

It is an abbreviation of the expression 'animal communication', which in the U.S. is the expression commonly used to designate a silent mode of communication with animals. It also means 'animal communicators', i.e persons using that type of communication.

What do you exactly mean by "telepathic communication with animals"?

There are different modes of communication or of information exchange with animals. A trainer, for example, can use his/her voice, or his/her gestures, or both. Animals resort to a variety of means and behaviors to communicate with each other or with humans.

Telepathic communication with animals generally consists in exchange of information between one or several human beings and one or several animals during what could be referred to as a mental conversation. It is most of the time an invisible and silent process to an outside observer. 

The word "telepathy" is a Greek word meaning "sensation" or "emotion" (pathos) "at distance" (tele). In telepathic communication with animals, the parties, although miles apart may send sensations or emotions to each other, but also words and images because a physical contact is not essential for that matter.