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Communicate with the dolphins


Communicate with the dolphins

Bimini (Bahamas), 19 - 25 June 2004. The well-known animal communicator Penolope Smith once again organized this year a communication session with dolphins in the Bahamian turquoise waters. Having been asked about the session by various people, I shall provide hereafter a brief report on the training in which I had the honour to take part with 24 additional persons of different nationalities. For the occasion, a catamaran had been rented to the Bottom Time company with 7 crew members, including a ten month-old dog, Carolina. A normal day would start at 7:30 am with an awakening yoga session on deck no.2 for those interested. Then, at 8:00 am, we would be offered a sumptuous breakfast before the boat would weigh anchor to meet the dolphins. In most cases the first encounters would take place at about ten miles from shore. As soon as we would hear "dolphins!" through the catamaran loud speakers , we would get ready to jump into the sea with our fins and snorkel; there we would remain as calm as possible, waiting for our hosts to come by. Encounters were always magical . The clicks and hissing noises of those lords of the seas very often enabled us to hear them before we could actually see them. The visual encounter was moving. Although free-roaming animals, the dolphins would come close as close as 20 inches from us the strangers, on their own initiative, alone or in a group. They would evaluate us, come and go as they pleased, and sometimes would invite us to take part in their play. Their presence, their sleek swimming and gentle exchanges were somewhat unreal, almost magical, since each of us felt so much integrated in their circle, accepted in their own world. We had all agreed not to try to touch them or harass them in any way. Thus the encounters only lasted until the mammals decided to bring them to an end. Lunch was served at 12:00 p.m., allowing us also to have some rest. Apneas would resume in the afternoons and ended at dinner time. Weather permitting, the crew would organize night sessions under the Bottom Time II projectors. If such was not the case, thematic evenings would be arranged on board. It was most of the time around midnight that the boldest of us would yield to sleep. Dialogs with the dolphins took place spontaneously in the water or during meditations organized for that purpose on the boat, according to each one's capabilities. Sharing the results of the dialogs was an additional source of wonder. Also, Penelope would give her advice and support while at the same time keeping an eye open for problems. As far as I am concerned, the interspecies exchanges have all been rather brief, but incredibly energetic and cordial. "Could we be friends ?" I once asked a dolphin who was about to leave. "We are already so much more than friends..." was the answer I received from this marvellous creature before he/she disappeared in the oceanic blue depths. During six days and six nights, I had the impression that Bimini was an entry point of the paradise and that some guardian angels visited human beings in the guise of dolphins. In any case, I strongly recommend that type of experiment to those who have dreamed of it, because it is a way of giving to peaceful coexistence a wonderful meaning. 

Animal-com does not presently organize cruises of the kind.
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