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Has Zoom to be euthanized?

Zoom was a magnificent five year old horse, a chestnut gelding in good health, having an enviable youth and surrounded by people full of consideration. He enjoyed life very much and rejoiced at next to nothing, until that terrible winter day when for him everything seemed to collapse at once. Becky, the person responsible for bringing him back in the evening, after a day spent in meadows, was the first to notice the problem. As a matter of fact, whereas normally the horse would patiently wait near the exit for someone to fetch him, he remained planted in the middle of the meadow with a strange look. The terrified and disorientated animal which was taken back to the stable that evening had suddenly become blind. The veterinarian called for help made immediately several tests but could not explain the origin of this sudden blindness. As the the horse became increasingly terrified, and this represented a danger to himself and to his surrounding, a question arose all of a sudden : "Has Zoom to be euthanized?". For the veterinarian it was the best thing to do. But the farm owner and Becky wished to get the horse's opinion first. Patty Summers, a specialist in animal communication, was therefore called for help. She calmly explained  the situation to the animal. The horse was exhausted. Then Patty confirmed that Zoom's circle loved him dearly, but that they feared the worst would happen if Zoom continued to behave in an uncontrolled manner. She nevertheless obtained  a little respite before sealing his fate. Approximately one week after, Patty was taking her dogs for a walk, when Zoom rushed into her mind. He wanted to share his reflections with her and especially the fact that he accepted his new condition. He would walk less rapidly in order not to knock down anyone or anything, discovering his new way of life would be his new challenge, and, why not an example for others. Patty Summers immediately passed  the good news to the owner and to Becky: Zoom accepted  to live on and to modify his behavior accordingly. The decision was almost immediately confirmed. A paddock was therefore specially fit out for Zoom. And soon he even accepted to have some company. An affable horse named Tequila, was ready to help him. 

This very beautiful story has been borrowed from Patty Summers book "Talking with the animals" (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. Charlottesville, VA,  USA. 1998. pp. 79-84).