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Ria's vitamins

When this happened, Tasha was a student in animal communication. As for all of us, she doubted pets could send information to humans telepathically. At that very stage of her training, she hadn't decided yet if the messages she perceived, as we did, came really from the animals or from her own imagination. She wanted to be certain that communication was actually taking place. Therefore she continued to check the process again and again. Until one day she gave me a colour photography of her lovely Lhassa Apso named "Ria". And it is Ria who that day helped to solve Tasha's problem in a totally unexpected way… In the conversation I had with the female dog about her food, at Tasha's request, the animal sent me a mental picture of clear water, asking me simultaneously to well underline in my report that she needed to have clean and fresh water at her disposal all the time. Ria also wanted "to be given from now on full portions of vitamins in her food and not only the half of them". The conversation was repeated to Tasha word for word. She took note of the clean water claim without even raising an eyebrow. But when it came to the vitamins, she suddenly stood open-mouthed and opened her eyes widely. She explained that she had been giving vitamins to her dog for several weeks, but, in order not to let her indulge in excess, she was careful to give her only the half of the prescribed dose...

The names employed here have been modified in order to preserve the anonymity of the animal and her person.