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A consultation service is proposed by Animal-com, both for live (except lost animals) and deceased animals. 

1) If you have decided to consult Animal-com
Please conform to the following guidelines. (a) First indicate your name and surname, your address, and if possible a telephone number where we can reach you if necessary. (b) Indicate the name, age, gender, breed, the specific characteristics of the animal and the date since when you have been sharing his/her life, or his/her death. (c) Attach 2 photos: one if possible recent and colored of the animal, and another photo of the animal owner, alone and standing, and if possible recent and colored too. They will be returned. (d) A few lines about the reasons which have led you to get in touch with us would facilitate our work. (e) Write legibly your question(s). (f) Send your payment at the same time (by check or international money order, to the attention of Animal-com). No consultation can be made if not pre-paid. (g) Forward all the documents to Animal-com, La Cavalerie - 4 La Borde - 45700 Vimory (France).

2) Upon receipt of your request we will engage in animal communication 
In Animal-com's case, the communication is established from a distance. This strategic choice, allows a great flexibility to the intervening parties. Your questions are submitted to your animal(s) and the answers carefully recorded. If for whatever reason it has not been possible to come into contact with the animal(s), we would inform you and send you a refund immediately. As a matter of fact, the same as humans, some animals may refuse the dialogue, although this rarely happens. Animal-com makes a point of respecting such a refusal, whatever the reason might be.

3) A report will be sent to you, normally within ten days
Each and every question and answer are recapitulated and forwarded to the address which was given to us. All data communicated to Animal-com for a consultation or sent by Animal-com are confidential and will not be disclosed without any due authorization.