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Training and lectures calendar 2019
These dates are forward-looking and are likely to undergo changes




Animal-com 1

Saturday, January 19th
Saturday, April 20th
Saturday, June 22nd
Friday, August 16th
Saturday, September 14th
Saturday, November 9th

Montargis surroundings
(Loiret - France)

Animal-com 2
Saturday, February 16th
Sunday, April 21st
Sunday, June 23rd
Saturday, August 17th
Saturday, October 5th
Sunday, November 10th

Montargis surroundings
(Loiret - France)

Animal-com 1 & 2
Introduction &
Saturday & Sunday, April 20th, 21st
Saturday & Sunday, June 22nd, 23rd
Friday & Saturday, Aug. 16th,17th
Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 9th, 10th

Montargis surroundings
(Loiret - France)

Animal-com 3
Escorted practice

Saturday, March 16th
Wednesday, May 8th
Saturday, July 6th
Saturday, December 14th

Montargis surroundings
(Loiret - France)

Thematic Animal-com
Deceased animal

Thursday, May 30th
Friday, November 1st

Montargis surroundings
(Loiret - France)

(1) The courses proposed by Animal-com are described on the previous page. They unfold in small groups and in French.
(2) Unless otherwise specified, all courses start at 9:30 a.m (hosting from 9:00) and end at 6:00 p.m.
(3) Precise course location will be sent to participants with the registration acknowledgement.

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