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Born in 1951.

Performed his first exercises in telepathic communication under Raymond Réant's guidance in Villeparisis (France).

Improved his knowledge in non-verbal communications (NVC) on the occasion of several seminars attended at The Monroe Institute (TMI, Faber, Virginia, USA).

Has been trained in telepathic interspecies communication by Carol Gurney in Agoura Hills (California, USA).

Has specialized in telepathic communication with animals under Penelope Smith guidance, in Switzerland (with Helen Gerber's kind collaboration), Germany (thanks to Karina Heuzeroth's and Monika Jaeger's assistance), Point Reyes (California, USA) and in Bimini (Bahamas) where he went to swim and communicate with the dolphins.

Increased his skills in communication with animals by Amelia Kinkade in Austria (with Michael Adam's help).

Has attended (thanks to Sue Manley's cooperation) an improvement seminar about communication with the wild animals in Texas (USA) proposed by Dr. Jeri Ryan and the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Has improved in communication with the deceased at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK).

Has given consultations in France, in Germany, in Austria, in Belgium, in Africa, in China and in the United States of America.

Took a passionate liking for "remote viewing", in which he has been trained notably by experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency (Maryland, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Georgia). Has practiced with a lot of interest out-of-body journeys (OOBE).